In this section, you will find Circles, Workshops hosted by people, friends, and colleagues that I genuinely value & admire & that I wholeheartedly recommend as well as resources such as books, podcasts etc.

The hope is to create communities, intersectionality, & connections to weave people together independently from commercial social media platforms to regain autonomy, agency & freedom.

Noteworthy Events/Workshops

Dream Workshop

By Martha Crawford

This is an educational/experiential workshop designed to support mental health professionals, artists and writers, those engaged in spiritual practices, and anyone who wants to learn to work with their dreams in service of healing, creative or contemplative processes. I also believe that dream work is political and liberatory labor, and you can read a few of my thoughts about that here.

Monstrosity in the Making

By Elena Solano

Monstrosity in the Making is a re-generative, creative, virtual studio designed to cultivate communal practices of artful expression and support during on-going, compound cultural crises. Member-artists commit to unsettling our productive impulses and tracing artistic longings to their roots as embodied needs.

Reiki Certification & More

With Manu Del Prete

From space clearing to Feng Shui, Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy to past life regression, Manu focuses on each individual’s needs, drawing upon the energetic human field and consciousness and the unique spiritual or epistemological connections. She draws on a lifetime of work across the spectrum of perception, connecting the healing arts with the metaphysical arts, the philosophy of Tibetan Buddhism, quantum physics and sacred geometry.

Co-Resting Place

By Nina Hatfield

Gather for a little company and a lot of resting…
Are you socially isolated due to an energy-limiting chronic illness?
Or are you just longing for a gentle model of social interaction and help slowing down?
You are cordially invited to join online co-resting community groups.

Other “Villages”

The Circle

By Martha Crawford

Here is where you will find links to archived issues of The Circle – a twice monthly dispatch as well as a chronological listing of groups, services, events, organizations, books and projects launched by or recommended to members of The Circle community.



By Elena Solano

A Mexican “Grito” is a battle cry carried forward through history by mariachi artists & musicians as an expression of pride joy sorrow & excitement. The Grito oftens sounds like a cry & a laugh at once.



By Nina Hatfield

We affect each other. Here are some of the people and programs that have impacted me for the better, and whose work I highly recommend. Many are people I have the great luck to know personally and a few are people I am grateful to know through their work.

Providing this collection is part of an effort to recreate social networks in a conscious and conscientious way – via our own sites. On a growing number of the linked sites you will find their respective community pages as well. If you have time, energy, and inclination, may you enjoy a meandering path and inspiration!


Books, Podcasts & More


Hospicing Modernity
Book by Vanessa Machado De Oliveira

Crisis Contemplation
Book by Barbara Holmes

Light Multiplies
Essay by Seema Reza

Wolf Milk
Chthonic Memory in the Deep Wild
Book by Martin Shaw

The Power of Breathwork
Book by Jennifer Patterson

Sitting in the Fire
Book by Andy Mindell

John Welwood
In conversation with Tami Simon



It is Time to Get Together & Grief

It is Time to Get Together & Grief

From October 3rd through December 21st 2023, I will be hosting 3 in-person & 3 online Circles. And yes, the theme is Grief...   Dear Friends & Neighbors, Close & Afar, I am thrilled to launch a series of circles, gathering people in person &/or...

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It has been a while…

It has been a while…

If there were just one word to describe how I felt over the past three years, it would be Exhausted (I write here how I managed it with Breathwork). It has only been a few weeks since I feel "I am back." But mind you, not back where I was in 2020. The people around me...

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