It was in 2014 that I stumbled into Breathwork by pure luck.
It felt like I had found something familiar yet long forgotten:
A sense of coming home, all at once ancestral & new.
I immediately integrated Breathwork as a part of my “routines.”
It is a very potent way to forge a mind-to-body connection.

It is hard to trace back the origins of the particular Breathwork : it stands alongside the ancient traditions like Pranayama & newer modalities like Holotropic.

What is Breathwork?

In 2 words: it is an active meditation.
It helps connect to the radical aliveness that we all carry.
It is a 3 part breath that quickly connects you to your inherent wisdom & energy.

Breath has been recognized across time & cultures as a powerful tool for healing,
for Connecting to self, to achieve altered states of consciousness.

It allows one’s mind to access non-verbal parts of one’s being, would they be lodge somewhere in the physical body or in the subconscious.
Or both.

What to expect?

Everyone is different & there is not one answer fits all.
To follow a (none exhaustive) short list:
Connection to body: physical release, embodied healing, sense of dislodging something that had been “stuck”.
Connection to spirit: Some might call it inner wisdom, joy and/or also shadow.

Breathwork is a way to connect dots that our modern world taught us to keep separate, a way to tend to our entire system and feel fully human.

Are you a Trained Facilitator?

I followed a rigorous training with the Breath Liberation Society in 2021.
This organization honors the heritage & roots of this ancient tradition.
It underlines as well the responsibilities of the facilitator during the sessions, with a particular dedication to create a container for clients who might have experienced traumas.


How do you identify?

I am a white-body cisgender woman.
I use she/her as pronouns.


We will start by talking and creating a container for your active breath that will last up to 45 minutes.
We will dedicate time at the end for you to rest or debrief.


You will see on the appointment section, 6 different tiers.
Simply book a time slot according to the fee that makes sense for you.
On the back end, I manage how many appointments for each tier I can afford to balance my practice.


It is for those of you with abundant resources and/or a desire to support sliding scale so more people with different resources
can have access to the same services of care & healing.


Yes! One can work without the other, and the 2 combined are awesome.
I can guide you through it all to Taylor with you what could work the best for you.


Yes & No.
Yes because I did, and still do, spend a fair amount of my time
learning to develop my understanding & awareness to be able to
hold, acknowledge, recognize, step aside, step up and step down when
No, because I am not a licensed therapist & our work together can never replace trauma-informed psychotherapy.


“Finding myself at a crossroads in my career and in my life I knew I needed guidance, but I wasn’t sure what to expect when I decided to work with Catherine. It has been an incredible journey so far. Catherine’s ability to listen, and I mean really listen, and offer insight is powerful and life changing however you have to be ready to do the work and Catherine was very clear about this from the start always keeping me on track, pushing me forward with every session. In a few short months I have more confidence and clarity than I have had in a very long time.”

S.B. - NYC

“For the past months, Catherine has provided me with immeasurable support. Our relationship is one of deep trust without fear of judgment, of honesty delivered with great care and compassion. In a manner that is always affirming, she guides me to reframe the issue I am struggling with, which invariably sets in motion a breakthrough, and has enabled incredible personal growth. I cannot recommend her highly enough - she truly is a lifesaver.”

A.B. - NYC -

“The work I have done with Catherine has been incredibly rewarding, and continues to bring positive change in both my personal and professional life. Embarking on a personal development journey is daunting, but Catherine is a positive, compassionate and wise guide. She intuitively adapts her process to the conversation and truly decodes what is being said to create actionable steps to reach your goals, and find a new level of well-being. I really appreciate her deep knowledge of the healing arts, self-development tools and philosophy. She never tries to push a particular framework on you if it doesn’t resonate, it feels like a journey we take together rather than a didactic exchange. She keeps it real; she is not a guru but an insightful guide and a kind ear (and she knows when to have a good laugh). Above all, I have the utmost respect for her integrity. Our work together continues to help me push myself towards a more realized version of myself. (Bonus points: she can seamlessly coach in both French and English.)”

Flora Guillon - NYC -

“First, Catherine has a voice, the voice, that is present to initiate the dialogue, to keep it going, little by little, step by step, smoothly and determined, during & in between the sessions. She is very warm, joyful yet serious, always, compassionate. Then she really has a total physical presence that you can feel, even over the phone & thousands miles away, through her way of listening & her heart. She has tons of energy & good vibes. Catherine is dedicated to full extent of the woman that I am, with her lights & shadows, her doubts & certainties and she does so while honoring who she is and how she got here. Working with her, feels like entering a whole new community.”

Isabelle Viatte - Paris -



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