Breathwork for Groups & Individuals

It was in 2014 that I stumbled into Breathwork by pure luck.
I had never been much of a meditator & I was curious about experiencing what was described as an active meditation connecting us to our aliveness & wisdom. 
I immediately felt like I had found something familiar yet long forgotten:
A sense of coming home, all at once, ancestral & new.
I slowly integrated Breathwork as a part of my “routines”, as a potent way to help weave the ineffable into my day to day and as a profound way to forge a mind-to-body connection. 

What is Breathwork?

In 2 words, it is an active meditation.
It helps connect to the radical aliveness that we all carry.
I often use a 3 part breath that quickly connects you to your inherent wisdom & energy.
Breath has been recognized across time & cultures as a powerful tool for healing, connecting to self, and achieving altered states of consciousness.
It allows one’s mind to access non-verbal parts of one’s being; would they be lodged somewhere in the physical body or the subconscious.
Or both.
It is hard to trace the origins of the particular Breathwork: it stands alongside ancient traditions like Pranayama & newer modalities like Holotropic (you can refer here & here to who I learned it from & who keeps inspire me).

How can I book a Breathwork session?

Breathwork is a modality I integrate with my clients during 1-on-1 coaching or business consulting sessions. So, if we work together, Breathwork will be part of the process.

I also facilitate Breathwork for Groups in various settings, online and in person (large corporate groups, peer groups, small teams & businesses…).
You can request a quote for your specific needs and setup

What to expect?

Everyone is different & there is not one answer fits all.
To follow a (none exhaustive) short list:
Connection to body: physical release, embodied healing, sense of dislodging something that had been “stuck”.
Connection to spirit: Some might call it inner wisdom, joy and/or also shadow.

Breathwork is a way to connect dots that our modern world taught us to keep separate, a way to tend to our entire system and feel fully human.

Are you a Trained Facilitator?

I followed a rigorous training with the Breath Liberation Society in 2021.
This organization honors the heritage & roots of this ancient tradition.
It underlines as well the responsibilities of the facilitator during the sessions, with a particular dedication to create a container for clients who might have experienced traumas.