It is Time to Get Together & Grief

Sep 28, 2023 | Newsletters

From October 3rd through December 21st 2023,
I will be hosting 3 in-person & 3 online Circles.
And yes, the theme is Grief…


Dear Friends & Neighbors, Close & Afar,

I am thrilled to launch a series of circles, gathering people in person &/or virtually.
It has been one of my deepest yearnings to bring people together in a different capacity than you might have known me for: as a transformational coach & group facilitator and not as a restauranteur (no eating nor drinking involved in those gatherings! yet… Working on a retreat).
As for the theme, Grief, it is on everyone’s mind, carried on so many exhausted shoulders, yet it is on so few lips.
In our modern societies, both at an individual & collective level, we often struggle to process grief.
Rituals & rites of passage are mostly absent.
Collective mournings, thresholds, dire emergencies & profound changes are rarely acknowledged, celebrated & grieved communally.

Instead, we are asked to carry on.
To move on.
To take one for the team.
The proposed series of Circles is an invitation to grieve together the losses experienced during the pandemic, past & ongoing, to witness one another’s pain & express our own.

The modalities, in-person sharing circles & (virtual) Breathwork, have been instrumental in my life over the past decade.
Those gatherings are an invitation to a collective embodied practice to strengthen our emotional capacity to withstand challenging times & weave back together our communities.
Because everyone has different ways of accessing their emotions, below you will find various options: in-person & remote, some including some talking, others not.
I hope you pick, choose & get curious and that we reconnect with the ability to grieve together.

See you soon, in person or on Zoom!
Sending you much love,


Pic by Graciela Iturbe

Pic by Graciela Iturbe

In-Person Circles for Grief

Every 1st Tuesday of the month in the Fall

5pm to 7.30pm

(Tuesday Oct 3 – Nov 7 – Dec 5)

In-person at Maison May in NYC


Virtual BreathWorks For Grief

Every 3rd Thursday of the month in the Fall

7.30pm to 9pm EST

(Oct 19 – Nov 16 – Dec 21)

Virtual on Zoom