It has been a while…

Jun 15, 2023 | Newsletters

If there were just one word to describe how I felt over the past three years, it would be Exhausted (I write here how I managed it with Breathwork).
It has only been a few weeks since I feel “I am back.”
But mind you, not back where I was in 2020.

The people around me who have had it steady & easy in the past three years are puzzling me: it is not that I can not rejoice in one’s good fortune.
No, I am uncomfortable with a certain level of dissociation from the global context.
To maintain hope & joy is what one can, undoubtedly, choose to strive for amidst all; what confounds me is one’s ability to nurture a sense of “business as usual” & with that, the emotional incapacity to face what is genuinely happening & experience at times (most of the time?), complicated, complex & challenging emotions.

The path forward is not one we are meant to glide through happily. Nothing will change if one cannot contend with the discomfort that drastic changes imply.
Grace in discomfort is what I am advocating for here.

Yet, if you feel at ease in the global context & think that what I am writing is nonsense, please feel free to unsubscribe below.
If you are unsure & curious to explore a different path through, I invite you to stay on.
And for those already on that unbeaten path, feel free to forward this message to people you know who feel the same way!

It took me all three years to metabolize the changes we are facing globally as I sorted the pieces of what it meant personally & act accordingly towards what felt like less dissonance in my life as all our actions are embedded in what is happening at large.
More on that front in writings to come (from closing one business to re-inventing another one- yes, one more time! Haha!- to transitioning into an empty nest, (not)burying a father, changing career & exploring more remote & unknown corners of my psyche).

Here is what I am busy with as of today:
I am certified as of 2020 as a Transformational & Executive Coach.
(reviewing now applications to onboard new clients in late summer)

As of early this year, I started to consult with entrepreneurs who wish to either launch a business or transform their existing one (Yes! At last, the 20 years of experience jumping through loops in NYC will be helpful for others).
Feel free to send my way people who are not afraid to walk through fire.

For those who need sporadic support, I offer BreathWork sessions.

And yes, in my free time, I still run Maison May.

Now that my boys are no longer dependent on me, no matter how much I work weekly, it feels like I have a part-time job.
I mostly use some of that “empty” time to rest, reset & trying to create something different.

Stay tuned for more to come.
A lot more.

Sending you love,


PS- I would love to hear from you- send me a note and tell me how you are if you feel like it.
I have missed bumping into you, seeing you at the CafĂ©, in the streets, at the market…