A Unique Transformational Process

Navigating these extraordinary times demands extraordinary transformations, calling for a bold and courageous approach to the process. In recent years, I’ve intricately woven my lifelong entrepreneurial experience, honed life skills as a solo parent and immigrant, deeply grounded spirituality, and a passion for breathwork. All of these shape my unparalleled contemporary approach when working with clients

Collaborating with me takes diverse forms, adapting to the unique entry points of my diverse clients. Regardless of the approach, the shared goal remains constant: profound transformations at personal, collective, professional, and spiritual levels. My practice is grounded in compassion, intuition, and bravery.

As a Certified Transformational and Leadership Coach, I hold a special affinity and training for the Internal Family System (IFS), a potent, evidence-based psycho-spiritual method in coaching and psychotherapy.

« .. She intuitively adapts her process to the conversation and truly decodes what is being said to create actionable steps to reach your goals .. »

Flora Guillon – NYC

1:1 Coaching

My practice predominantly serves individuals in leadership positions striving to disrupt the status quo and those standing at critical crossroads, facing challenges like difficult health diagnoses, grief, or estrangement.
All seek a companion to navigate the “fire of a profound Transformational Process”—the discomfort accompanying breaking away from the norm to fully embrace their new realities and manifest their authentic selves. Together, we collaborate closely to achieve their goals, whether they be tangible or spiritual, providing support and guidance through their transformative journey.

Business Consulting

I partner with seasoned entrepreneurs navigating business shifts amidst profound structural and environmental changes.
Clients are passionate about challenging the status quo, envisioning non-traditional entrepreneurship, and daring to dream beyond conventional paths. Together, we carve a path beyond “business as usual,” reshaping possibilities, and fostering a world where innovation and unconventional thinking thrive.

Catherine May Mexico City

Team & Group Coaching

In team coaching, the Internal Family Systems Model shapes our unique transformational process, steering our holistic approach with a strong emphasis on Self-Leadership. We prioritize cultivating a balanced ecosystem where each member contributes to collective growth, anchored in core values and a shared vision. This approach fosters an environment wherein team members authentically practice Self-Leadership, aligning individual aspirations with the team’s overarching vision. The synergy of the Internal Family Systems Model enhances our holistic strategy, promoting a harmonious team dynamic. This fortifies resilience and success through a collective commitment to core values in our distinct transformational process.

« .. In a manner that is always affirming, Catherine guides me to reframe the issue I am struggling with, which invariably sets in motion a breakthrough, and has enabled incredible personal growth .. »

A.B. New York City


How do you identify?

I am a white-body cisgender woman.
I use she/her as pronouns.

Do you have credentials?

Yes I do!
I am a certified CPC coach (working on the ICF certification)
and a certified BreathWork partitioner.

How do we meet?

For the foreseeable future, through Zoom or Phone.

What is Internal Family System (IFS) coaching?

IFS is a powerful, transformative, evidence-based model of coaching (& psychotherapy).
It is a psycho-spiritual method developed by Richard Schwartz that believes
that the mind is naturally multiple, all our inner parts containing valuable qualities, and that our core Self is the healing agent for it all.
IFS is a powerful method to strengthen or re-harness self-leadership.

Do you only coach using the Internal Family System?

IFS informs a lot of my coaching and feels like a mother tongue to me but it is not the only method I can use.
We can discuss this during our initial intro session.

What is the difference between a licensed coach & a therapist?

Coaches are not trained to heal psychological problems & analyze the past.
Coaching looks towards creating a deeper engagement with the present & more desirable future.
Coaching is not therapy yet can be healing.
It can never be a substitute for psychotherapy.

What if what we uncover during the coaching is too much for me to bear?

Coaching is not about pushing limits beyond a breaking point but rather understanding what is your support system & respecting your inner ecosystem.

I don't have a clear goal but want coaching - Am I at the right place?

If you are perusing my website, something is already bubbling up to the surface.
So yes, definitely schedule a free intro session and we will see what we can do together.

Are you "Trauma informed"?

Yes & No.
Yes because I did, and still do, spend a fair amount of my time
learning to develop my understanding & awareness to be able to
hold, acknowledge, recognize, step aside, step up and step down when
No, because I am not a licensed therapist & our work together can never replace a trauma-informed psychotherapy.

Can you combine coaching & Breathwork?

Yes! One can work without the other, and the 2 combined are awesome.
I can guide you through it all to Taylor with you what could work the best for you.