Circles & Retreats


When we gather, wether in person in a circle or during a retreat, the potential for transformative shifts multiplies exponentially. Whether participants are actively engaged in a complex process or simply observing, the shared experience fortifies everyone involved.
This collective interaction not only enhances individual resilience but also fosters a profound sense of belonging and community. Providing the right container is crucial, as it unlocks the capacity for individuals to unite in ways they may have never imagined.

In our present context, the urgency and life-giving nature of coming together in these communal spaces have never been more apparent. The act of renewal, facilitated through shared experiences, not only revitalizes individuals but also strengthens the bonds that weave us into a resilient and interconnected community.


What is Happening Next?

To be Announced – Spring & Summer 2024

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Recording of Return to The Root

In Collaboration with The Tree House, I hosted a 2 day retreat in February/March 2024. You can find all details for the retreat here & click below to purchase the video.

Late Winter 2024

Return To the Root

In Collaboration with The Tree House

We are inviting you to gather with us who also yearn to reconnect to ground, to breath, to our histories, and to our hearts in a love-starved world.

Old trees fall, seeds are scattered, and some few open up to the warming soil, sending out fragile radicles that evolve into taproots and reach toward the interconnecting mycelium.

At the root, we need and must reach for each other in both new and forgotten ways.

Our lives together matter.

Fall 2023

Grief Circle – Virtual


This series of Circles is an invitation to grieve together the losses experienced during the pandemic, past & ongoing, to witness one another’s pain & express our own.
Through this deeply personal embodied practice, we can strengthen our emotional capacity to withstand challenging times & weave back together our communities.

Fall 2023

Group Circles for Grief

Grief Circle – In person


The model for this circle is inspired by Joanna Macy’s Circle of Grief (also called Truth Mandala or Truth Circle).

In our modern societies, both at an individual & collective level, we often struggle to process grief.
Rituals and rites of passage are mostly absent.

Collective mournings, thresholds, dire emergencies & profound changes are rarely acknowledged & processed, celebrated, and grieved communally.

Through this collective embodied practice, we can strengthen our emotional capacity to withstand challenging times & witness others weaving back together our communities.

Fall 2020

Group Circles for Grief

Normal injustice – Virtual

Standing together when everything seems to collapse. This circle is a call to cooperation & action.