Thank you for being here

For all the spaces I create, virtual or tangible, I aim to foster, for those who pass through, an authentic & honest experience where one can get strengthened emotionally & spiritually while getting fed visually or even physically (Merci Maison May).

I believe what we are facing globally must be dealt with collectively, and sometimes it means understanding how that collective fate lives & moves in all of us individually.
It is time to gather, collaborate, dream & create together in bold new ways.

Here is how you can engage in that work with me.

1:1 Coaching

Profound Transformation is a call to activate the bravery that lives in all of us, and the time is now.

When cultures collapse & outside references are tepid at best or violent & deeply cruel most of the time, to find relational & dynamic steadiness amidst all is no small fit.

Transformational coaching does just that:
It helps to clarify, strengthen & harness one’s inner wisdom.

Understanding how to face external challenges best requires deep tending to one’s inner landscape.

Stepping into Transformational Coaching means being willing to explore what one has deemed impossible before, to outgrow inner limited & outdated beliefs through discernment & fortitude.

The revolution starts within.

Circles & Retreats

At a time when we collectively face a dire reality, we must reclaim our ability to come together.
Creating communal spaces, circles, groups, retreats, and conversations has never been more urgent, crucial & vital.
We need to stand with each other, for each other, to carry, witness, heal, and dream together.
With these intentions at heart, I host circles & collaborate to create retreats & conversations.

Maison May & Modern Entrepreneurship

Maison May has been at the heart of my professional life for the past two decades: there, I mastered the ability to weave entrepreneurial skills with life, creativity & my sense of justice & equity.

Businesses are an extension of our Humanity and at the heart of our lives. To our image, they must transform to support our collective journey.

I am passionate about mentoring young entrepreneurs & helping more seasoned leaders to change & meet the requirements of our times.

« .. In a manner that is always affirming, she guides me to reframe the issue I am struggling with, which invariably sets in motion a breakthrough, and has enabled incredible personal growth .. »
A.B. – Paris