Catherine May
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I am not here to preach or teach or even encourage anyone on any given path.

I am here to simply share my story (actually my many stories…) & create some beauty & integrity where I can.

And connect.
And connect…

Take what you need, discard the rest.
Get inspired or not.

“To be a good warrior, one has to feel sad & lonely, but rich & resourceful at the same time.”

Chögyam Trungpa-

Catherine May -Here to share my story

Catherine May -Here to share my story


Saturday Brunch at Home


One of my most simple weekly pleasure is to stroll down the Framer’s Market on Saturday morning. I rarely have a list, and just pick what my belly yearns for. And along the way, I bump into neighbors, old friends, costumers & of course, farmers. That run to the market can take anywhere from 2o minutes to 2 hours on sunny days…

And then, in the spring, the Saturday Brunch at home that follows is just magical.

Shop the scene (coming late 2019)