Business Consulting: Transforming Your Passion & Vision into reality


Entrepreneurship has been at the heart of my career: in the last two decades, I have opened & ran successfully three brick-and-mortar businesses in Brooklyn, NY (One is about to turn 20 years old!).

The lessons learned in one of the most challenging markets in the US, in a harsh industry (hospitality) while mastering a very rare longevity, have given me a broad, deep, hands-on & street-smart experience.
My circumstances pushed me to consider my business an integral part of my ecosystem rather than something separate regarding values, ethics, rhythm & overall sustainability.
Being an entrepreneur, a single parent, and a community member in a specific place at a particular time was always profoundly tied together.
Twenty years of solo entrepreneurship taught me to observe, understand & act in regenerative, imaginative & adaptive ways.
As I became a Transformational Coach a few years ago, I could metabolize fully, anchor, & gain perspective on how I achieved all of that.

The future of independent entrepreneurship lies in community, resilience, adaptability & imagination.
We can build a world beyond the confinement of “business as usual” beyond what we have been taught & thought was possible.

Are you Launching a Business?


It can take many steps to transform a vision into a tangible business.
The scope of work can feel daunting & the process is rarely linear.
Where to start is often the question that comes up! And staying focused and organized throughout the process is critical to keep one’s vision aligned with one’s values.

Together, we can bring your project to life.

From drafting a business plan & financial projections to asking yourself fundamental questions, we can work together to clarify your project until you launch & beyond.

Here are a few primordial questions we will explore:
How does one step in with intentionality & purpose and move from a conceptual place into reality?
How do you know if you are even ready?
How do you define success (and, yes, failure)?
Do the numbers align?
How does one map a realistic short, mid, and long-term projection?
How to avoid reproducing unsustainable practices?
What are the values you want to manifest in that business?

Your business, like you, will be like no others.
Together, let’s see what you can create.

Transforming an Existing Business?


Moving from a business from a challenging situation to a new sturdy place can be difficult.
Yet, that process is decisive & invigorating for all the participants & the longevity of the business.
To shift, adapt, correct, grow or retract is difficult in a world that loves predictability, steadiness & uniformity.
Yet, businesses are created by people for other people.
In an ever-changing world, they are inherently destined to shift & change, especially during the profound structural & environmental changes we are experiencing.
Through a complete assessment, we will determine a strategy to recalibrate, modify, and reinvent all aspects of your business that need care to bring back clarity & purpose.

How We Will Work Together

I will be using my entrepreneurial & transformational & executive coaching skills conjointly.

What to expect from me:

  • A very tailored proposal to the needs & specificity of your business.
  • The possibility to have hands-on help to shift, change & implement new strategies
  • The option to collaborate & receive coaching at a leadership & executive level.
  • The capacity to engage & coach team members.
  • The ability to move through difficult situations & implement changes.

I am based in NYC but can travel to set up hybrid collaborations (via Zoom + some in person) depending on your location & the scope of the work.