Return To the Root

In Collaboration with
The Tree House

A Virtual Retreat
A Re-Connection
A Return to 1st Things

Sat February 24th & Sat March 2nd

We are inviting you to gather with us who also yearn to reconnect to ground, to breath, to our histories, and to our hearts in a love-starved world.

Old trees fall, seeds are scattered, and some few open up to the warming soil, sending out fragile radicles that evolve into taproots and reach toward the interconnecting mycelium.

At the root, we need and must reach for each other in both new and forgotten ways.

Our lives together matter.


Schedule & Program

Two sequential Saturdays: February 24, 2024 & March 2, 2024

Pacific Time: 9 am – 1 pm / Eastern Time: noon – 4 pm /
South African Time: 7 pm – 11 pm
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Who we are

About the Tree House

“The living systems that support all of our lives are sick, staggering, trembling, and in need of our urgent care.”
—Naomi Klein, Doppelganger

What We Seek

We, ourselves, are among these living systems. Some say that within 60 years. all life on Earth could be extinct. Others disagree, but only about the number of years, not the end of life.

This destruction on a planetary scale is not just happening collectively, as communities struggle to survive violence and death, but individually as well.

There is inside all of us an alarm system going off. We gather to heed it.

We seek the right questions, trains of thoughts, modalities and wisdoms that will help us care for ourselves and one another in these destructive times.

We have very little certainty except for this: This work must be collective.

We call ourselves the Treehouse because trees are rooted and grow according to the environment; trees help us map the environment and orient ourselves; trees sustain themselves while sustaining the surround; trees are ever-evolving, sprouting, and reaching.