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A Decade Later - What I own.

A few weeks ago a friend suggested that I write about the year that was coming to an end- she felt, rightfully so, that I needed to pause before I would leap again.
Yet in trying to do so, my writing felt ineluctably vain & empty: 
I had accomplished so much and worked more than ever, yet, nothing felt quite worth writing about. 
And I could not figure out why.
Then December 30th came. 
An email hit my inbox that day which made me pause & look back to 10 years earlier.
Only then did it all made sense:
I was not wrapping up a year but a decade.

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On Letting Go: I Am Opening a 2nd Location!

In early November, I had had enough of it all. I had been searching for a full year for the right 2nd location- and the process had gone from being exhilarating and exciting, to utterly depleting. I had pushed myself, as I always do: going really fast, just go, go, go. 
And so by November, I gave up. 
Right at that moment, when everything about my project softened in me, well, the location came.
And of course, it had been there all along. 

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