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A Decade Later - What I own.

A few weeks ago a friend suggested that I write about the year that was coming to an end- she felt, rightfully so, that I needed to pause before I would leap again.
Yet in trying to do so, my writing felt ineluctably vain & empty: 
I had accomplished so much and worked more than ever, yet, nothing felt quite worth writing about. 
And I could not figure out why.
Then December 30th came. 
An email hit my inbox that day which made me pause & look back to 10 years earlier.
Only then did it all made sense:
I was not wrapping up a year but a decade.

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Maison May: Redefining Success

A few weeks ago, I pushed open the doors of MAISON MAY VANDERBILT.  
I had a clear aesthetic vision, a strong business idea and above all, a deep desire for it to perspire emotions & tell a story, my story. I was not sure how it would all articulate itself in the end or really, how this story would even manifest itself in the actual space. 
But to my own surprise, it is working.

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