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Maison May: Redefining Success

A few weeks ago, I pushed open the doors of MAISON MAY VANDERBILT.  
I had a clear aesthetic vision, a strong business idea and above all, a deep desire for it to perspire emotions & tell a story, my story. I was not sure how it would all articulate itself in the end or really, how this story would even manifest itself in the actual space. 
But to my own surprise, it is working.

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Brooklyn In 2015: Building, Consuming & Throwing It All Away

 If you live in Brooklyn, and take time to walk around a bit, you are probably well aware of the incredible disconnect happening in our borough right now: stretches of once-vibrant commercial streets are turning into no-man's-lands, with two or three vacant storefronts on every block (please, if you haven't recently, go walk down Smith Street.)
At the same time, the rest of the world is looking at Brooklyn fantasizing about the way of life here, supposedly the most vibrant, creative, and exciting place to be in the whole wide world. 
How can such a dichotomy happen? 
More importantly, what does it mean for those living in Brooklyn, and then, for those beyond this microcosm?
And why do I care about that so much?

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